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VIPKid New Hire Interview Tips

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OMG. When I first got into my interview with VIPKid, to say I was nervous would be a mass understatement. I had read the materials, practiced in the portal, etc. but for some reason I was still lacking confidence. Once the lesson got started, my interviewer was so kind and patient that all those nerves vanished.

Above is an exact screenshot from my interview. As you can see, there is a text bar to the right in case of technical difficulties, and the lesson slides are to the left.


  • Book your interview for a time when you know you won’t be distracted. They had sooo many times available this made it super easy to do!

  • Set up your “classroom”! This part was so fun! I have an entire post HERE dedicated to everything you’ll need to set yours up, along with photos of my very inexpensive set-up. I also have my exact printables compiled HERE if you need cheap puppets or reward-chart.

  • Use sticky notes if necessary! I wish I had done this on my first interview! If there are certain phrases or cues you want to remind yourself of, feel free to add sticky notes around your monitor.

  • Log in EARLY. I believe you can enter the classroom 10 minutes prior to your interview, and this will give you a chance to get familiar with the layout, figure out any technical issues, and greet your interviewer early (mine was 3 min early).

  • SELL YOURSELF. Before I began teaching, the interviewer asked a bit more about my experience. THIS WILL AFFECT YOUR SALARY. Be generous with your experience. Don’t forget to include any experience coaching, mentoring, babysitting, teaching (formal or informal) when asked. My interviewer accepted my experience teaching dance lessons, mentoring summer camp kids, and babysitting towards my experience.

  • Try to get through all of the slides! I believe there are about 10 in the “My feelings” lesson, and you should be able to get through all of them in ten minutes. Obviously, 1 min per slide is ideal.

  • Build rapport! On the first slide, my interviewer asked me to ensure I asked my student “What’s your name?”, “How old are you?”, and “How are you?” before beginning the lesson. They also want you to have the children speak in full sentences, “I am five years old”, as opposed to “five.”

  • Watch Youtube videos! If you are unfamiliar with how to teach ESL, Youtube was a great resource for me! Make sure you are cupping your ears when you want the student to respond, and pointing to your chin when you want them to repeat what you’re saying.

  • Write down feedback. After my ten minute lesson, my interviewer gave me GREAT feedback and tips! It was very constructive and I wrote it down to use in my mock lesson.

  • NEGOTIATE. This was probably the one aspect I was NOT prepared for. I expected after the interview it would be a few days before I found out whether or not I was invited to continue to the next round via email. Nope. He told me right then and there I was hired and ASKED WHAT I THOUGHT I SHOULD BE PAID. Now, as someone who has little experience with salary negotiations, this was surprising. Of course I began by telling him I would love $22/hr, and when he insinuated that wouldn’t be possible, I made the point I should make at least $20/hr due to my education and experience. Use specific examples. He agreed and gave me my per-hour breakdown with incentives right there.

  • Be flexible. A few other questions I was asked were, '“are you planning on traveling for a length of time in the next six months”, “are you willing to teach in the prime Beijing hours”, and “would you be able to complete the mock class/ hiring process in the next six days”? See my previous post HERE on details regarding the six month “contract” and time difference. As I mentioned before, there are mock classes everyday (even weekends) nearly every 30 min, so there should be no problem fitting a 30 min lesson into your schedule in order to get hired!

Exciting news! My e-Course “Victory to VIPKid” is now live! This course is completely free to my referrals and encompasses everything you need to navigate the hiring process.

—-> If you are planning on signing up, I kindly ask that you throw in my referral code MARIS0172 when applying . You’ll want someone to do the same for you later ;) <———


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