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VIPKid Interactive Level 2 Mock Lesson Tips

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So you made it through your application, interview, and trial class with a VIPKid interviewer. They now tell you that you may move to the next level…the Mock Lesson! Woo hoo!

First off, CONGRATS for making it this far!

If you read my post from my initial interview tips, you’ll remember I suggested checking out Youtube for some visual strategy assistance. Same is true for your Mock Class! VIPKid also has great video references once you make it to this stage.

As of the time of this writing, your Mock Class materials will include slides for two lessons. You are advised to prepare for both lessons, and once you enter the classroom with your Mock Class mentor, they will choose a lesson for you. (Cue the nerves! Ah!) But don’t worry, both of my mentors were incredibly encouraging and patient and made me feel very comfortable.

From my understanding, you are able to go through the Mock Class stage as many times as you need to pass. For me, and most people according to their website, this was two times.

My first Mock Class my mentor asked which lesson I felt most comfortable with, so I chose lesson A. I’ll admit, I wasn’t AS prepared for this lesson as my interview and I wish I had done some more prep inside the virtual classroom. I also had a microphone issue which tainted my confidence a bit at the beginning of the session.

After a brief greeting, my mentor asked me to set a timer on my phone for ten minutes to go through the slides.s I was not able to get through them all, but she assured me it was okay. She then went back slide-by-slide and gave me tips on improvement. She also asked if I could have done the lesson over again, what I would do different. She then told me it would be 24-48 hours and I would receive an email with “next steps”.

VIPKID Application: Sign up HERE

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About 24 hours later I received an email asking me to complete another mock class. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED because from my understanding this is incredibly common. I booked another class for the next day and prepared using the suggestions from my first mentor. *NOTE: In the follow up email your mentor will type out everything they suggest during the session so do not worry about taking notes. This was a wonderful feature with VIPKid.

The next day my second mentor asked which lesson I had completed in my first session, and asked me to do the opposite one (B). I really made sure to focus on the “I do, we do, you do” model they present in the slides. I felt much more comfortable in this mock lesson, and it must have shown because I passed!

Another 24 hours later I received my email stating I could log online to complete my background check, tax forms, and sign my “contract”.

The background check took around 24 hours to go through, and then I was able to start opening up time slots! The whole process was very user-friendly and truly seamless. I was blown away.

For more ease, make sure to download the VIPKid app on your phone to keep track of bookings!

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Start Teaching: Application HERE!

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—-> If you are planning on signing up, I kindly ask that you throw in my referral code MARIS0172 when applying . You’ll want someone to do the same for you later ;) <———

I’ve gone ahead and put together a few more resources for you to help navigate the sign-up process. I hope they help you and save you some time!

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If you have ANY questions at all, I am happy to help! Just shoot me an email :) 

- Marissa