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Testing Out The NewAir Portable Air Conditioner


Disclosure: This post is in partnership with NewAir. All opinions are my own, of course! :)

Photography: Amanda Calabrese

Florida is HOT y’all. And not just “oh I could use a light breeze hot”. Nope. The sun did not come to play this year and I knew I needed to do something about it.

Recently I just started a new remote job where I spend most of my days home in front of my giant office window. Unfortunately the A/C in the office just isn’t as powerful as the rest of the house.

Enter NewAir.

This thing is NO JOKE. Not only is it beautiful and blends into my decor perfectly, but most importantly…it’s powerful.

It also is not just an air conditioner, but a dehumidifier and fan too! Perfect for that nasty Florida humidity!

And perhaps best of all…everything I needed was packaged perfectly in the box. No trip to Home Depot needed for the venting or remote control. Halllllelujah!

Check out the NewAir Portable Air Conditioner for yourself HERE!