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Corckcicle's New LUNCHBOX!

IMG_2021 2.JPG

It’s here!! When the Corkcicle team reached out and asked if I wanted to try their new Adair Lunchbox, it took all of 2 seconds to say “UM, YES!!!” I mean, look at it you guys! It’s beautiful. And functional. What more could you want?

Here’s what the Corkcicle site has to say about it…

The Adair Crossbody is the chicest lunchbox ever. Cool, half-moon silhouette. Extra-long crossbody strap. Four Fresh colors. Plus, it keeps contents cool until you're ready to dig in. 

•  Premium Food- Safe Lining
•  Double Zipper Main Compartment
•  Vegan Leather, adjustable strap
•  External Front Pocket 

Don’t worry, after the photo shoot I took out the fake succulents and replaced it with actual food. :)

I also tried out the new Sport Canteen, which features an awesome flip top lid. I’ve been bringing it on my runs (ok…jogs. ok…walks) and love the convenience.

Huge thank you to Kim, Corckcicle, and my incredible photographer Amanda for bringing this shoot to life.

Book with Amanda here!

And check out the links below to grab an Adair Crossbody for yourself!

IMG_2022 2.JPG
IMG_2024 2.JPG
IMG_2025 2.JPG
IMG_2026 2.JPG
IMG_2028 2.JPG