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Should I Freeze My Eggs?! - Testing Out 'Modern Fertility'


Note: This kit was provided by Modern Fertility. All opinions are my own. :)

A subject that’s been on my mind lately…fertility.

“But Marissa, you aren’t married. You aren’t even in a relationship!”

Well, exactly.

As a woman approaching the “scary” fertility age of 30 (where your eggs generally take a dip), I’ve been thinking a lot about the state of my reproductive system and how I could proactively take on preserving healthy eggs, or whether that would be necessary at all.

Whew. There’s a LOT to think about being a woman!

Enter: Modern Fertility. The at-home kit that would help me find those answers.

Within 6 days I was able to get personalized, thorough results right to my inbox on the entire state of my fertility. Not only was the kit a breeze to use, but the results were private with the option to consult with experts about the findings if I wanted. How REFRESHING!

Check out the video below of the full process, and please let me know if you give the kit a try for yourself! Knowledge is power! <3

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