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For me, birthdays are usually a several week long celebration. But next week I turn 25 and there's just something about this year that feels different. 

I haven't planned one dinner, one party, or sent out one invite. Instead I find myself evaluating where I am in life, and couldn't help but wonder if having a "quarter life crisis" is a real thing? 


 quarter life crisis: Usually occurs sometime in your twenties, a few years out of school and still feel as though you're waiting for your life to begin. 

Check, check, and check. 


Don't get me wrong I feel extremely blessed. I have an amazing family, job, and friends. But sometimes I can't help but look at people my age who've already accomplished so much and feel a sense of admiration. They've either purchased their first home, make a good salary, are engaged/married, or are starting a family and I wonder if somehow I'm "behind the curve".  Because let's be honest....none of those things are happening anytime soon! 


I used to have it all mapped out. I was going to graduate college, become a news anchor, get married and start a family before the age of 30.....LOL. In fact I used to frown upon people who just "went with the flow" and never had a life plan. But now even picturing where I'll be in 5 years feels like a complete blur. It's as if I have to fight through the fog in my brain to even visualize the next 6 months. 


The truth is now I don't know what the future holds. I know I'm completely terrified, confused, and feel like running away from adulthood....but somewhere in there is a sense of excitement. Excitement to see where this ridiculous journey of life will end up. I'll keep ya posted. 





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