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How To Make Salad Last A WEEK


So we're doing this weight loss challenge and as someone who DESPISES cooking, I'm always looking for something that requires minimal effort and is still healthy. So thankfully I came across this brilliant idea on Pinterest: Mason Jar Layered Salad.

I usually pre-make four of these on Sunday, stick them in the fridge, and my lunch is ready to go!

These are the tricks I learned to making it last a full week:

1) You HAVE to layer it properly.  It keeps the lettuce fresh and not soggy.  

2) Use LIME JUICE to keep the avocado & tomatoes from brown-ing.  

3) I keep my dressing in a separate container.

4) I also use 'wide-mouth' mason jars to make it easier for stuffing! 

Here is how I layer mine....




*Before adding the lettuce, make sure you add lime juice to the bottom layer to keep it from brown-ing. 


Here are the small containers I use to keep my dressing in (can find at Publix or Walmart).  And yes, they are supposed to be for shots! LOL! 


And if you really want to get fancy...check out these recipes for Mason Jar burrito bowls, cajun shrimp jars, & more! 

Happy eating! 


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