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How I Started Budgeting (When I Had No Clue Where To Start)


So you've probably heard of Dave Ramsey and budgeting. Am I perfect at it? Hellllllzzzz no.  BUT I do feel like I have my life slightly more under control after giving it a try.  

HERE is the form I use at the start of every month (or every two weeks depending on how often you get paid).  

It's really pretty simple.  

- Start out with your total income in the top corner. 

- Write down the cost of EVERYTHING for that month.  (*Things I sometimes forget: Extra dollars for holidays, birthdays, PARKING, special events, gym memberships, etc.)

- Total up each categories cost.

- Subtract that number from your income and hope it equals ZERO (*this means every dollar has a place to go)

That's it!! 

Here are some tips I've learned over the past few months: 

- I like to write down the due date of each bill for the month.  That way I know when the money will be coming out of my account.

- I also like to take things that I can pay for in cash and put that amount in an envelope.  {There are some really good envelope resources/ ideas at daveramsey.com} For me it includes: gas, food, spending money, clothing, and misc. 

Here is a basic example of one of my monthly budgets (with some aspects crossed out because ya know, privacy): 



And finally, I decided it's time to start working off my debt.  Since I'm a visual person, I headed to Pinterest to find a "debt thermometer" to keep track of my debt reduction goal.  Download the same one HERE.


Hopefully soon it start to fill up!! ; ) 


Now before I get loads of emails, I know this sounds like one big Dave Ramsey commercial.  Trust me, I'm not getting paid from it.  It's just what worked for me.  I would love to hear what helped you get a handle on your dollars! Let me know! :) 


(Budget forms via: Daveramsey.com) 


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