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DIY-TRY: Sunburst Mirror

To say this was the project from H*LL would be an understatement! I love the way it turned out, but let me tell you what NOT to do if you decide to try it yourself :)

1) I used this tutorial as a guide for this project.  I bought my wooden dowels from the hardware store and had them cut them to the correct size.  (In hind-sight I wish I would have bought them from Michael's and cut them myself because its MUCH cheaper!) I also spray painted them gold.


2) Next I found a 10in round mirror at Hobby Lobby and also spray painted it gold.  (HINT: I tried covering the mirror with tape before painting it, but later found out you could just remove it completely. Lesson learned.) I then used the TEMPLATE to lay the dowels around the mirror. 



3) If you decide to try this project at home, USE A GLUE GUN AND GLUE STICKS.  I tried super glue and guerilla glue and it was a major FAIL.  It takes forever to try and doesn't adhere to the wood well.  Finally I realized glue sticks were the way to go. When I went to pick it up before the glue sticks, it allllll fell apart. :( 



4) So. On Take 2 I decided to prop it on the edge of the table so I was able to reach under and grip it better.  




5) After one more crash, it was finally complete! 




(The sticks still aren't completely even...so it still needs some adjustment, but its on the WALL!)

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