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DIY-TRY: Mirror Tufted Headboard


When I came across this headboard on Instagram, I absolutely fell in love with it.  Unfortunately, a quick Google search showed it was a mere $1,199.00. (AKA, slightly way out of my price range...) 


(Photo Credit: Z Gallerie Ava Headboard) 

So after some Youtube-ing I discovered it wasn't impossible to DIY it.  Luckily, my dad has a workshop set up in the garage will all the tools we needed (To be honest: This mostly turned into me supervising the project...you really need to be wood-work handy to get this done!!) But here's how it went:

1) Grab either plywood or MDF from the store with the dimensions needed (Mine was a Queen bed) 

2) I found foam at Hobby Lobby and we used spray adhesive to attach it to the plywood. 


3) Once the foam was attached we marked where we wanted the buttons for the "tufting" and drilled holes in those spots.  (NOTE: Drill as large of holes as possible! It makes finding them with the button/ thread later MUCH easier!)  


4) Next we added a layer of "High Loft" batting to give it a fluffy feel, then draped the fabric on top and stapled it down.  (I found some Polyester fabric with a sheen to it.) 


5) While my pops was doing Step 4, I went inside to cover the buttons we would use.  You can find a "button-covering" kit with refills at just about any fabric store or Walmart.  I used size 7/8" buttons.  It definitely takes trial/error but after about 45 minutes I had about 18 buttons. 

6) This next step was definitely the most time consuming and frustrating.  Luckily we had two people, or else it would have taken ALL day. Using an upholstery needle we used Bead Cord to thread the button through the fabric. (This is where larger holes would have come in handy). 



7) Once the buttons were on, we trimmed the excess fabric and made our way to Lowe's for the mirrors.  Since we needed such specific sizes, we purchased a large mirror and had the employee custom cut to what we needed. 


8) The final step was to adhere the mirror trim around the headboard, and then staple the trim between the mirror and fabric. 



SO- Here is the final product...not too shabby for a fraction of the price!! :) 





I'll post an updated pic once it's attached to my bed. :)


**Special thanks again to my pops for contributing his master woodworking skills, much appreciated! 


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