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"What I Look For In A Candidate" from REAL Hiring Managers

I’ve got a pretty exciting interview this week. It’s a position I’ve been eyeing for a MINUTE and so I want to make sure I am extra prepared. Therefore, I put my feelers out on social media with the question….

HIRING MANAGERS: What are you looking for in a candidate? When you have MANY applicants, what helps someone stand out?

And as promised- here are the replies….

I wouldn’t necessarily look for people that seem to have leadership qualities off the bat. A lot of quiet people don’t boast about their capabilities in interviews, they thrive on showing you what they can do. In general...try to ask questions relating to chemistry, character and competence. Chemistry is extremely important. For me, if I don’t think I could befriend the person then the chemistry may be off. Stick with your gut instinct. Asking someone about the definition of integrity is a good one, for me a sign of a good leader is someone who knows the definition, doing what you say you’ll do, as well as doing what’s best and honest when nobody is looking. I’ve done interviews for about 6 years, I really hope this helps!

People that are relaxed, personable, show that they have done their research about the company and ask questions. I always say that we have to sell ourselves to the candidate just as must as they candidate sells themselves to us.

Just a couple things I look for.  Make sure you have a few solid questions to ask about the position.  Also, do your research, know about the company and possibly the role ahead of time.    Don’t rush your answers, take a second to really consider the question.  And be yourself. Let your personality shine through.  :)

A good resume, job history that shows commitment to past positions instead of a lot of jumping around. A smile and confidence goes a long way. Don’t bad mouth or speak negatively about former employers (sounds dumb, but it happens all the time). Try to explain reasons for leaving that pertain to your goals etc. Prepare a few questions to ask and be honest & open about any questions they ask you.

A visually appealing resume, someone who reaches out via email or phone call after the interview thankful for the opportunity to interview and eye contact! Best of luck!

If I have multiple candidates who are all ‘qualified’, I have to ask myself, who would I not HATE to manage? Who would I not hate to be stuck in an elevator with? Who would I just really dread having a meeting with or talking to on the reg?

A pretty/standout resume is something that I always remember. When resumes are simply just in black and white, or an overused Microsoft template, they blend in with the rest. The presentation of your resume should be a representation of who you are!

Balance professional with excitement and positivity. At our age/gender, you really have to balance the two to show your capability combined with your positivity. Balance professional with excitement and positivity. At our age/gender, you really have to balance the two to show your capability combined with your positivity.

Eye contact, candidate knowing the company and having questions, be authentic (don’t always give them what they want to hear), and mostly a solution. How are you going to make the company better and bring to the table.

Personality and the knowledge of what ever the position is also some one that can carry them selves with confidence

You have to hire someone who will mesh with you and your team. Not just standard qualifications but also personality and work ethic.

Following up and persistence.. sometimes when there’s a billion applications an additional email with resume and cover letter is very helpful and makes it look like you’re actually interested and a thank you email/ card after a phone screen or interview. Good luck!

All my questions fall into three categories. 
1. Can they do the job?
2. Will they enjoy the job?
3. Do they fit the existing company culture?

The first portion of the interview/their resume should answer the first two questions. The last question  can harder to answer, but you should have a better idea after interviewing them.

Relatability and how they carry themselves. I already have their resume In hand so I can validate their credentials quickly. I want to make sure they fit the role I have envisioned. Characteristics, personality, and overall fit to the team. I want a bank teller that promotes customer first interaction, a chef that promotes food experiences etc. Not a robot lol

Following up. I would get 500 resumes a week and I always looked at the resumes of the people that called.