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How To Set Yourself Apart From Other Influencers


With so much competition in the creator world, it can be hard to grab the attention of brands you are seeking to work with.  However, with these few tips you will be well on your way to landing the collab of your dreams!


1)   Make A Great First Impression

The first step to setting yourself apart from the rest is to make a great first impression.  Reach out to a brand you would like to work with.  Introduce yourself, show your personality, and politely explain you would like to collaborate with them.  This would be the time to attach a media kit or provide links to your previous work.  The key is to remain professional while conveying you are eager and excited to work with them!

2)   Attention To Detail

When collaborating with a brand, ensure you are always paying attention to details.  From the expectations of the collab, to the agreed upon timeline, creators should always focus on the details.  If the brand does not provide one, you might decide to create your own contract.  Contracts sound intimidating, but they are simply a mechanism for communication between brands and creators to make sure everyone is on the same page with their expectations. 

3)   Stay Open To Feedback

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of collaborations is accepting feedback, yet it is often the most important.  Creators who stand out from the crowd are the ones who set the ego aside (momentarily!) and are open to critiques on their collaborations.  Before publishing your collaborations, send a copy to the brand and ask for any adjustments you could make.  In the end, it will make the brand happy to know you are willing to listen, while also improving the final product!

4)   Over-Deliver On Time

You’ve heard the phrase “under promise and over deliver”?  Well, the best influencers over deliver on time! This shows the brand you are aware of their deadlines, and will not keep them waiting.  If you provide killer work while also sticking to a timeline, the brand will take notice!

5)   Express Gratitude

Another great way to differentiate yourself is to express gratitude.  Once your collaboration has been submitted, reach out to the brand to say thank you.  Ensure this note is sincere, and as specific to this collaboration as possible. You could even include a few screenshots or stats about how your collaboration performed.  Leave the lines of communication available to work together in the future!