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My Personally Tested 'Side Hustles'

A few weeks ago I posted a blog about popular side hustles and top ways people make some cash. When I started reviewing the list I realized I've tried almost 10 of the side jobs! So I decided to share some of my favs and hopefully help you make some extra dollars this month! 

My favorite side hustles (in no particular order) PART ONE: 

1) Brand Ambassador



Ever since I was in college, I've found myself working various "Brand Ambassador" jobs. Whether it's alcohol sampling, product promotions, movie premieres, or brand demonstrations....it's a pretty lucrative side hustle. 

There are several ways to find Brand Ambassador gigs. Google, Craigslist, and Facebook are the most common. I joined THIS Facebook group to find local openings in my area. 

Pros: The average brand ambassador job paid around $18-$27 per hour, and usually we got to keep leftovers of the products we were sampling! 

Cons: Gigs are inconsistent, and sometimes brought me to sketchy areas. Try to stick to convention centers and well-known locations. 

2) Babysitting



The tried and true side hustle. Ages 13-grandparents can babysit in their free time and rake in cash. The average babysitter in America is now making around $13-$15 an hour (and it doesn't require a degree!!) 

Nowadays there are so many ways to find babysitting opportunities rather than just knowing your neighbor with kids. I've used Indeed.comSittercity.com, and Care.com to research possible families. **Make sure to arrange a meeting BEFORE you commit to the job to ensure you are comfortable with the parents AND their kids. 

Pros: It can be very flexible. Whether you want to work part-time hours as a nanny, or pick up a date-night shift, the need for babysitters will always be there. 

Cons: Working with kids isn't suited for everyone. They have their good and bad days, and aren't always welcome to new faces. It can sometimes be unpredictable. 

3) Gymnastics/ Dance Instructor



Obviously this one is rather personal to me. But swap "Gymnastics/Dance" with whatever your specialty is, and you could have an awesome side hustle. As a dancer for 21 years, it was a great way to do something I love while making some extra money. 

I happened to find a woman who ran a small company and contracted instructors, but you could always build your own side business. Whether it's sports instructing, academic instructing, or teaching your hobby...the opportunities are endless. 

Pros: At around $30/hr it was a profitable gig while doing something I love. 

Cons: Not all classes were located near me, so the miles began to add up. Plus as with any small business, in the event you get sick or need to call out there is usually no one to cover your shift. 

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