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My First KYBELLA Treatment


Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Parbhu Oculoplastic Surgery

I'm so excited! I have been looking into Kybella for quite awhile now. I love my mom, but I'm afraid she might have passed down the "turkey neck" gene down from our ancestors! While it might not have been something other people noticed as much as I did, it was hard to walk past a mirror or look at a photo without it being the first thing I saw. So when the opportunity to work with Dr. Parbhu came up, I knew I couldn't turn it down! 

Dr. Parbhu explained that the procedure would essentially "burst" my under-chin fat cells after the injection. Your body then sends fluid to the site (hence the swelling) to help flush those cells out through your lymphatic system. Each treatment reduces fat cells by 25%, and the best part....it's permanent! 

I was completely amazed by the before/after photos I saw! She told me most people need between 2-5 treatments, and that it is non-invasive. This meant I wouldn't have to take time off of work, or worry about undergoing anesthesia. 

When I arrived the morning of my appointment we did some paperwork and then Dr. Parbhu began marking a "grid" underneath my chin. She told me it was important to have a precise guide of where to inject the Kybella as to avoid hitting any nerves. This process took longer than the actual injections, which was totally fine because accuracy is important! Once the temporary "tattoo grid" was all set, the injections began. Because she numbed the area with ice prior, the actual injections were nothing more than uncomfortable (it is a needle going into your chin after all!) But fortunately Dr. Parbhu was sooo quick it was done before I knew it. About 2-3 minutes after the injections however, I could definitely feel the Kybella kick in. It was an odd sensation. Something between numbing/ burning/ and tightening. Putting the ice pack back on immediately after DEFINITELY helped. In fact, they had a great system of using a medical mask as an ice pack holder wrapped around your ears to stay in place...genius! 

Once I got into the car....it was a pretty comical look. The swelling was immediate and there were a few bruises. Fortunately I didn't have anywhere to be the rest of the day so I could head home with my ice packs. The burning sensation was long gone but the tightness was still there. Dr. Parbhu said I could take Tylenol if needed, but the ice packs were enough for me. 

As of Day 3 the bruising has healed, but the swelling is the same. I found that blending my makeup down my neck(s) and throwing on a scarf has worked out just fine. My co-workers had jokes (rightfully so), but it's nothing a stranger walking down the street would even notice. I'll take a few days of what I call a "pelican neck" for permanent results! 

Hopefully in a few days I will have some photos of my initial results...and in a few weeks I will bring you all along for my second treatment! Chiseled jawline.....here I come! 

*Thank you again to Dr. Parbhu and the entire Parbhu Oculofacial Staff! If you're in the Central Florida area and interested in learning more about Kybella, or any other cosmetic procedures, contact their team HERE

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