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How I Helped Improve My Skin Overnight

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Ok ok I know, it's hard to believe any *one* product can change your skin "overnight". And while this won't give you life changing results in one use, it did give me a very noticeable difference! 

What am I referring to? The scary-as-eff-why-would-I-put-needles-in-my-face derma roller! 

According to the Interwebs, "A dermaroller is a skin needling device with many small surgical needles. Dermarollers come in needle lengths between 0.13 and 3 mm. The needle diameter (thickness) is approximately 0.25 mm at their base."

So why roll hundreds of needles into your face? Well, lots of reasons actually. Derma rollers are proven to increase volume, reduce fine lines, improve acne scars, and reduce dark spots. The needles create small punctures in the skin to help the delivery of serums into your pores. AKA a way more effective way to get those expensive skin care products to where they need to go! 


How to Derma Roll: 

1) Cleanse that skin! You're going to want to start out with a clean palette since we are opening up those pores. No bacteria allowed! 

2) Apply your favorite serum. This will be the first delivery of skin care products into the pores. 

3) Roll! Divide your face into several sections: Forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck. On each section, move your roller up and down, side to side, left diagonally, and right diagonally between 2-5 times. Here is a chart to break it down...


4) Apply a second serum. This could be the same serum as the first application, or you could choose to use a Vitamin C serum for maximum absorption. 

5) Sanitize! It is important to sanitize your derma roller after each use. Rinsing with water will simply not be enough. I like to soak mine in rubbing alcohol, then store in the case it came with when dry. 


Does It Hurt? 

Yep. But not for long. For those with extra sensitive skin, or when using longer needles, you can opt for a topical numbing cream prior to rolling. I find the 0.25 length is bearable, but I will opt for numbing lotion when using anything longer. The sensation with the 0.25 roller can best be described as 'uncomfortable', but as the process is relatively quick, it subsides rather easily. 


How Were Your Results? 

Amazing! While I have only been rolling for a few weeks now, I can already notice a smoothness to my face that wasn't there before. I use less concealer to cover dark spots on my cheeks, and the smooth feeling I wake up to can't be beat. 


How Often Can I Roll? 

With those kind of results, you probably want to Roll everyday! But beware, your skin will need time to generate new cells, and overuse can cause permanent damage. A good rule is 0.2-0.25 mm dermarollers may be used daily or every other day, and 0.5 mm dermaroller may be used once every 3 weeks.


Let's See Some Real Results.....

Not convinced just yet? Check out some alleged results from derma rollers across the internet! (I cannot independently verify these results) 

Wanna give it a try? Below are a few of my favorite products to get you started! Keep me posted on your results! 

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