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Awe$ome Affiliate

 The everything-you-need-to-know guide to signing up, promoting, and earning an income with affiliate marketing!

What if you could travel, fulfill your parenting duties, and/or brunch With you’re your girlfriends all while making money?

You can!!


My name is Marissa and I created the ‘Awe$ome Affiliate’ e-book after my own search for making passive income.  While I love my day job, I realized I needed a way to supplement my own income without having to spend hours a day at another part-time job. 

That’s when I discovered affiliate marketing.

You see, as a broadcaster, I am always spreading information to our listeners.  Whether it’s the latest in pop culture, or discussing topics about my personal life…I always try to be helpful and authentic.  If I see a new show on Netflix I love, I tell our listeners.  If I come across an amazing matte lipstick that stays on all day, I tell our listeners.  No matter what the subject, I love sharing the latest-and-greatest in my world. 

A few months ago, I decided to take that same principle to my online blog.  Affiliate marketing has not only allowed me to share products and services with my READERS that I love, but also earn a commission from my recommendation.  My readers benefit from the awesome product/ service….and I earn income for my time? Win/win!!

Picture this….


  • You spend a small amount of time setting up your affiliate links.

  • You share those links with your audience.

  • Your audience benefits from your recommendation.

  • You get a check or direct deposit indefinitely, again-and-again!!

‘Awe$ome Affiliate’ will show you how.

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In this e-book you will learn:

1)   What is Affiliate Marketing and Passive Income?

2)   Where Should I Sign Up for Affiliate Programs?

3)   Where Can I Promote Affiliate Products?

4)   Webinars For An Affiliate Product

5)   How To Promote An Affiliate Product Without Sounding Sleazy

6)   Affiliate Disclosures & Other Legal Stuff

7)   Affiliate Summary & Bonuses

OK, But I can just Google this information and figure it out myself, right?

Sure.  You totally could.  But it took me MONTHS to research all of the information provided in this book.  From how to effectively add links to every online platform, to learning all about FTC rules, this was no quick process.  That’s why I wanted to compile this stuff all in one place so you can start making money much quicker than I did. 

Plus, there are bonuses!

FREE BONUSES?! Yes, Please!

Included in the purchase of this e-book are two incredibly helpful resources for two completely different reasons...


BONUS 1: Affiliate Program Resource List

Don’t know where to start with affiliate marketing? Don’t worry, I spent HOURS researching programs so you don’t have to! This ultimate resource list is broken down by niches for ease, and includes a direct link to each program, and the amount of commission you can expect for each purchase. 

BONUS 2: Affiliate Marketing Inspiration Roundup

What prompted me to go from theoretical blog to tangible blog?  Reading other bloggers income reports.  A few brave bloggers have decided to publish their exact income online in an “income report” and describe exactly what steps they took to get there.  100% of them included affiliate marketing.  It proved to me it WAS possible to make money online, and was the push I needed to make a move. 

I’ve rounded up some of those income reports all in one place to allow your inspiration to kick in too!! HINT: Some make upwards of $100,00 a MONTH!!!

NICE. But why can’t I just bookmark all this stuff and buy it later?

Well, because this price won’t always stay the same.  I wanted to give my readers a low price at the launch because I’m excited to hear how much you love it ASAP! But soon after launch the price will increase (forreal!)

Who Will Benefit From ‘Awe$ome Affiliate’?

Bloggers.  From sponsored blog posts to blogs about your passion with affiliate links, bloggers can benefit exponentially from affiliate marketing.  It doesn’t matter the niche!

Youtubers. Tutorials and product review videos are an amazing way to incorporate affiliate marketing.  Hint: the description bar is your best friend!

Social Media-ers. Don’t have a blog or established YouTube channel? No problem.  Affiliate links can be included in your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter page. 

Or anyone who wants to be one of those in the future.  Have an interest in creating a platform in the future, but haven’t made the leap yet? It’s ok! In ‘Awe$ome Affiliate’ I will weigh the pros/ cons of each platform for you, so you can choose your favorite in the future!



How long do I have access to the e-book?

Indefinitely.  You will receive a PDF file containing the e-book which you can read over and over again!

Do you offer any refunds?

Due to the instant nature of the e-book download, I unfortunately cannot offer refunds on this product.

How do I get my e-book?

Once you complete the purchase information, your e-book will be delivered right to your email inbox!

I have another question before I purchase.

No problem! Please email prettybossblog@gmail.com with any further questions!



  • Ready to learn the exact ins-and-outs of affiliate marketing?

  • Ready to create a steady stream of passive income?

  • Ready to start focusing less on monetization and more on doing the things you love?

  • Ready to have all of this info compiled in one place?